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Interesting Articles:

Posted by salestax on February 5, 2009

Modern Day Tea Party (2nd article:  going for a vote anyway)- Iowa City, IA.  If this passes on March 3rd, businesses will have less than a month to prepare for the increase. 

SD wants to raise State tax rate in order to lower property taxes?  I call this regressive taxation at it’s best.  This is a 2nd chance at what I reported yesterday in the “temporary” increase proposal. 

Wickenburg, AZ – officials hasty on decisions to raise sales taxes.  With such haste and lack of research, this could end up biting them in the end.  Why do government officials presume that increased taxes will cure the deficits.  Why not curtail spending.

Springfield, MO (2nd article here)- wants to increase sales tax in order for fire and police personnel to have a pension.  Here’s where I have a hard time with Gov’t  paid employees.  Why, after government allows corporation to not fund pensions for their employees, do gov’ts still insist that those employees deserve pensions.  Shouldn’t all workers be treated the same?  Is my retirement outlook less important than the fire and police?  I might take some flack for this since we are talking about our everyday heros, but still.  Set up a 401K.  Wha’ts good for the goose…

Hooray.. something good – Oklahoma looking to remove sales tax from groceries!  Finally, a government looking to reduce the regressive sales tax in order to help those less fortunate.

Utah also looking to increase sales tax rates (they still tax food by the way).  Appx 3/4 down the page to the sales tax piece – search House Education Committee.

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