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2009 Sales Tax Holidays:

Posted by salestax on March 5, 2009

I’ll once again attempt to keep up with the sales tax holidays occurring around the U.S. this year.  Check back for updates.  There are several states that had holidays last year that haven’t introduced them again for this year.  But, in these economic times, getting people to buy is status quo, so I would expect more as the year progresses. 

And, don’t forget about the economic stimulus and the sales tax exemption (write off) on buying a new vehicle (or motorcycle or motorhome) by the end of 2009.  You can write off the sales tax on your 2009 income tax return, even if you don’t itemize.  But, as reported earlier, the interest – if you take out a loan – didn’t make it to the final package.

AL – Aug 7-9, 2009. Clothing under $100; Computers under $750; School supplies under $50.  Books under $30.    See here for a list of localities also participating with the state.

CT – Aug 16-22.  Clothing and footwear less than $300 per item.

DC – **UPDATE** The August Holiday is no longer applicable.  

Nov. 27-Dec. 6.  Clothes, shoes, accessories, school supplies under $100 each. 

GA –  July 30-Aug 2nd.  School supplies under $20, Clothing/footwear under $100, Computers & Peripherals under $1500.

          Oct 1-4th.  Energy & Water Efficient items under $1500 for noncommercial home or personal use.

IA –  August 7-8th.  Clothing and footwear less than $100.  Exemption at both state and local levels.

LA – May 30-31.  State level only.  $1500 worth of hurricane preparedness items

          Aug 7-8 All non-commercial purchases of tangible personal property under $2500 (except vehicles and food).  See here and here for more info.

          Sept 4-6:  Firearms, ammunition & hunting supplies.

MO – April 19-25.  “Show me Green Sales Tax Holiday.”  Qualifying energy star certified new appliances up to $1500 ea.  Good for business and personal purchases.

          Aug 7-9.  Clothes under $100; school supplies under $50; Software under $350; Computers and peripherals under $3500.   Localities might not participate.  **businesses:  if less than 2% of your merchandise qualifies for holiday, you can opt out of the holiday, but must give customer tax refund.

MS – July 31-Aug 1st.  Clothing/Footwear under $100.  This is an annual holiday – however, in 2010 cities will have the option on whether to particiapte. 

NM – Aug 7-9.  Clothes and shoes under $100.  Computers under $1000.  Peripherals under $500.  School supplies under $15.  **Retailers – not required to participate.

NC – Aug 7-9.  Clothes and supplies under $100.  School instructional mat’ls under $300.  Sporting equipment under $50; Computers under $3500 and computer supplies under $250. 

         Nov. 6-8.  Energy star products (non-commercial use).

OK – Aug 7-9.  Clothes, shoes, accessories, computers/printers/supplies, certain bath & bed linens.

         Oct. 1-31.  Energy star products.

        Nov. 27-28.  Handguns, rifles and shotguns (oh my).

RI – UPDATE:  NOT PASSED 3/19/09PROPOSED, NOT YET PASSED:  3rd weekend in August.  Up to $2500 in purchases.  Details to follow if passed.

SC – Aug 7-9.  Clothes, footwear, school supplies, inlcuding computers and accessories, linen type items.  Not good for businesses or items placed on lay-away.

     Nov. 27-28.  Handguns, Rifles and Shotguns.

TN – Aug 7-9.  Clothes, school and art supplies under $100; computers under $1500.

TX – May 23-25.  Energy star products:  A/C Units under $6000; Others under $2,000.

        Aug 21-23.  Clothes, shoes and backpacks under $100.

VA – May 25-31.  Portable Generators under $1000 and hurricane preparedness items under $60.

         Aug 7-9.  Clothes and shoes under $100; supplies under $20.

        Oct 9-12.  Energy Star and WaterSense products under $2500 (for non-commerical use).

VT – Aug 22 ’09 (also scheduled for March 6, 2010).  All TPP less than $2000 (non-commercial use).

WV – Sept 1-Nov 30.  Energy Star products under $5000 (non-commercial use).

2 Responses to “2009 Sales Tax Holidays:”

  1. Wow, what a helpful blog about tax. Keep up the good work.

  2. […] holiday back for 2009.  To see the effective dates of these holidays and more informtion, see the 2009 Sales Tax Holidays post.  To read the  SC Information Letter #09-9, click […]

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